Works naturally!

World novelty rye active substance stands for a healthy skin

Escaping from all the strains and stresses of everyday life comes into focus for more and more people. And they are looking for chances to do this in a way that is as natural as possible. Gabriele Wolf, managing director of ‚Main’s Kosmetik’, had the pioneering idea to use an active substance from nature to achieve just that: ‚With our novelty that is the rye active substance we are opening up opportunities for many people to realise their skin-care in a completely natural way’.

The patented rye active substance can be used in many ways and is efficient in all areas of cosmetics. Thus is has been possible to use the special qualities of the rye for a multitude of problems like acne or dandruff, for skin irritation or generally stressed, dry and aging skin. It is also quite effective with hormonal changes at young or old age.

With Main’s Kosmetik the Hannoverian entrepreneur Gabriele Wolf presents the first complete line of products for skin and hair alike. All containing the 100 per cent natural and even patented active substance made from fermented rye – all enhanced by a number of top quality natural active ingredients. All products are strictly without alcohol since that could be desiccative for the skin. Gabriele Wolf states: ‚Here we combine a new active substance with proven methods of cosmetics – without renouncing tried and tested natural or useful high tech active substances!’

All products contain the new, patented active substance from fermented rye, ‚INCI: Lacto-bacillus/Rye Flour Ferment’ which optimally supplies the individual needs of the skin. Scientific tests of this active substance, as well as experiences from medicine and dermatology prove an excellent skin compatibility for male and female skin alike. The rye active substance as a base for all Main’s Kosmetik products is natural to 100 per cent – and furthermore also a renewable resource. In these days and times surely a telling argument. ‚We could completely exclude toxicological and ecological risks with this natural product, Gabriele Wolf adds.

To constantly guarantee this quality, the North German entrepreneur has also taken over the production of the basic active substance. With the ‚woresan GmbH’ a guarantee is given for a comprehensive care – allowing for highest standards this top quality patented product is produced at the Hannoverian company within 10 days. It is then processed in further steps to become the prized skin care and cosmetic products of Main’s Kosmetik.

This successful concept of using rye active substances for tending stressed skin is internationally renowned – which has lead to several series of woresan products being successfully marketed in Asian and European countries.

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