World Medical Centre

A grand vision is looking for its proper place in this world.
To thrive and prosper.
To drive mankind to new borders.

A place, where healthcare, education, research und clinical-management are combined to map out the state of the art of medicine. To be an elite centre for science that constantly promotes and accelerates medical progress.

The world looks on Saudi Arabia.

Welcome to the World Medical Centre.

The World Medical Centre stands for a global centre of medical excellence to which the rest of the world looks for exchange and co-operation.

Saudi Arabia evolves into a major medical centre. For the location, for the Arab world. And for the rest of the world.
Especially for those countries whose future depends on medical standards.

Dimensions yet unknown to the world are turning into reality.

Welcome to a place where future is already reality.

Welcome to the World Medical Centre.

Saudi Arabia’s World Medical Centre is a worldwide linchpin for medical research, for education and health care.

As a turnstile for global top medicine it is also the basis for an intensive exchange of cultures on the highest medical level.

To establish and further this, a hub of top level research and education is centred in this single place. The core of this is constituted by an elite university which in itself is linked to a national network of local clinics.

Saudi Arabia thus establishes itself as a leading scientific centre far across its country’s borders. Hence its ever growing attractiveness for internationally sought-after top medical professionals and qualified staff.

Those looking for the very best healthcare will surely find it at the World Medical Centre. Looking at the current streams of healthcare-tourism we can safely assume that the catchment area of the World Medical Centre is within a radius of eight hours of flight.

The world looks on Saudi Arabia.