PG_Lab: Englische Version

what to expect

small format and serial printing up to 9.8 x 14.9 inch (25 x 38 cm) on professional photographic paper with a Frontier laser-printer

press- and index-prints

posters of up to 31.9 x 31.9 inch (80 x 80 cm) on professional photographic paper with an LED-printer

large formats up to 49 inch (125 cm) in width on glossy or matte professional photographic paper, metallic- or Dura-materials with a Lambda laser-printer

digital services: high-end scans with Imacon Flextight, serial scans, slide- and negative developing, digital proofs with Fogra media wedge and colour-management with Eye One Photo

professional film developing with traditional hanging developing machine (E6, C41, b/w)

analogue work: hand-crafted prints, ranging from small to large formats as well as slide-duplication

fine art printing on paper and textiles for up to 55 inch (140 cm) in width

large format printing for in- and outdoor use

photo finishing and upgrading

presentation material and (backlit) displays

digital to print

There is no way back. Digital instead of analogue. Used by an increasing number of photographers, even professionals. As an expert lab we anticipate our customers’ needs. Of course we do.

We organise it all in a highly quality-oriented workflow: may it be the magnification or finishing of digital photos – or the actual printing on photographic paper. Since every original artwork is different. What we take into individual consideration.

Self-evident services are press-prints and expert, hand-crafted prints for photographers and the industry. Additionally our customers can also expect to get large format prints and slides with the same absolute excellent properties. Quality is first.

To reach this goal pglab produces all large format photos with real halftones and 400 dpi on a Durst Lambda 130. That means digital printing of up to 49 inches (125 cm) in width in 16.7 million colours. This impresses even very critical observers.

Just an original, no data? No problem there. Just let our high end scanners go to work. Our experts will bring out the best from your artwork. Up to double A0. With colour-management, of course.

digital services

From data to print. No problem. Not at pglab. Naturally. But what, if your original is historical, a very old print or a big poster? Then it gets difficult. But above all this gets our experts at pglab really going.

For example with high resolution scans up to A0 with the best scanners available on the market. And then, eventually, there is the expert eye of our experienced photo editors – finishing the photo and finally converting it sensitively into the appropriate colour space (RGB/CMYK). That is what we call service.

All done, of course, with permanent colour-management using Eye One Photo – to realise a perfect result. For instance for digital proofs including Fogra media wedge and protocol – for professional results at your printers. Using the same technology and knowledge we also go to our customers to calibrate their input- and output devices. Since the work of an expert media lab does not stop at its own door.

To live up to the expectations of even our sophisticated arts customers we have optimised our workflows »original slide/negative« and »slide/negative-printing« with our very own professional developing department.

An all-in-one, monolithic system for printing, for the arts, advertising and industry. Exactly what you can expect from the pglab experts.

fine art printing

Sometimes it’s got to be something special. Quality put to the utmost, carried to the extreme. A common, day-to-day challenge for pglab. Fine art printing on exactly the one material required.

Special, high-quality »Hahnemühle«-paper for the arts? No problem. The same on textiles? On canvas or cotton? Can do. Better ask us what we cannot do!

All these materials can be printed on with up to 55 inches (140 cm) in width. Professionally and in maximum quality.

pglab for the very special assignments. An expert lab for that matter.

analogue services

Not yet gone (entirely) digital? »Analogue« better from your point of view? We are indeed able to relate to that. That is why we attend to the needs of these customers with all our long-time experience and the expertise of a highly professional lab.

Expert enlargements and developing, duplicates of your best originals – that is our business. That is because here we can actually put together the strength of the long fine traditions of pglab and Euromediahouse.

Hand-crafted prints from small to large, film developing in hanging developing machines (E6, C41, b/w) as well as serial printing up to 9.8 x 14.9 inch (25 x 38 cm) on professional photographic paper. Just a few catch phrases, some keywords. That’s all that’s needed.

Services as they ought to be. For photographers. From pglab.

presentation systems

From the camera to the public. The goal of professional photo-work. Since the picture is meant to show impact. All made possible with the proper media for presentation and public relations. Pglab is not called a media lab for nothing. We know how to use and apply all the right techniques and display systems.

To laminate valuable originals is standard day-to-day work. Additionally we do photo finishing and upgrading, framing and mounting. For which we sometimes employ partners.

As a professional media lab we do know when others are better than we are. For instance at laminating. Here we focus on »ArtSec« which is characterised by particular durability and high-class appearance. It is hold in high esteem by artists as well as galleries. For choice quality.

Light boxes, (backlit) displays along with the appropriately processed slides or prints – ranging from small to large formats – can by these means be used for a target-oriented presentation at the point of sale (POP) or as decoration in many ways.

Professional work does not stop at the photo. That is why there is pglab, the media lab.

how to reach us, where we are…

motorway A7 from the North:
Motorway junction Hannover-Nord follow A352 to exit Hannover-Nord. Go into Hannover underneath the A2 and you are already on the Vahrenwalder Straße. Follow for about 1.2 miles / 2 kilometres and turn right into the slip road just past the water tower.

motorway A7 from the South:
Take the A2 towards Dortmund at motorway junction Hannover-Ost. Exit Hannover-Nord and you are already on the Vahrenwalder Straße. Follow for about 1.2 miles / 2 kilometres into Hannover and turn right into the slip road just past the water tower.

from the A2:
Exit Hannover-Nord and you are already on the Vahrenwalder Straße. Follow for about 1.2 miles / 2 kilometres into Hannover and turn right into the slip road just past the water tower.

from the town centre:
Head towards the North and the motorways A2 and A7. Being on the Vahrenwalder Straße stay on it for about 3 miles / 5 kilometres. Turn left at the water tower to the slip road of pglab. Using the tram, take the »1« from the main station go towards Langenhagen. The stop is called »Wasserturm« (water tower).

miscellaneous stuff like:

placements/internships, apprenticeships, jobs…

sorry, currently none available

No matter if needed for school, college or job-training, we will certainly try to make things happen. But, please, give us some time to handle things. And give us a ring before you write elaborate applications.

contact: Christina Lammers