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To all Eshre visitors!


May, 30th, 2007


Re. Information for visitors / Exhibition Specials


Dear Eshre visitors!

With some regret we like to inform you that Varolab won’t be taking part in this years Eshre conference and exhibition in Lyon. We are, however, happy to be able to offer you some information all the same. And, treat you to a special offer!

Included you find some data-sheets that help you to get to know Germany’s leading company for IVF-equipment and some of the range of products that are on offer.

Varolab products feature a high level of technical convenience, uncomplicated user guidance, ideal compatibility and first-class workmanship. Varolab is well known for reliability and safety in installation and commissioning. Beyond this, the name Varolab stands for fast delivery and excellent professional support.

Varolab offers their worldwide customers a wide range of modular-design system solutions for in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Thus our claim is »system solutions for reproductive medicine«.

To compensate you for not being able to meet us in person, we have devised a special for all Eshre visitors. Our »Three weeks – Three Month« offer will allow you to buy all Varolab products at a 15 per cent discount for a period of up to three month. Please, make sure to have a look at our coupon, also included in the info-package.

A second coupon offers you exclusive industry-news via our »Varolab News-Service« plus special offers as registered subscribers. Surely worth your attention!

We do wish you a very pleasant stay at Lyon and a successful time at this year’s Eshre!

Yours sincerely,

Stephan & Werner Zapf
Varolab, M.D.

P.S. You will see us »live« and with exciting new offers at the »MEFS2007«. The congress and fair of the »Middle East Fertility Society« will be held at the Susesi Hotel in Antalya (Turkey) from October, 31st to November, 3rd., 2007.


Coupon 1 ((news-service))

Varolab News-Service

Not enough time, too busy to get all info during the week?
Get all the IVF industry-news at a glance!

Subscribe to the Varolab weekly news-service at:

A host of information and background from around the world about your business area, your field of activity – compiled for you by the managers of Varolab, the leading German company for IVF-equipment.

Subscribing to the »Varolab News-Service« also makes you part of our special customer range. We will occasionally offer you selected items of equipment at special rates, not normally available at Varolab.

Get the info, get your edge over your competitors!


Coupon 2 ((Messerabatt))

Varolab Exhibition Special
Three Weeks – Three Months Offer

You could not find us »live« at Eshre? No problem, not being able to talk to us at Lyon, does not mean you are not in for Varolab exhibition special.

Go to
and get our »Three Weeks – Three Month« offer!

Starting from the first day of Eshre you can log in to a special webpage and get your personal bonus voucher. Which will be send to you promptly. You have three weeks to register and after you received your voucher you will have three month (ending September, 30th, 2007) in which to order any Varolab product at a discount of
15 per cent!

Do not miss that »Exhibition Special« from Germany’s leading company for quality IVF-equipment!