Letter to resellers

Dear Sir or Madam,
dear Varolab distributors,

Thank you very much for your sterling work during the past 12 months – and thank you also for all the confidence you put in us and our products. This encourages us even more to invest into more quality in service as much as in all our IVF-equipment.

With this letter we are also announcing a new price-list, which is #19.3. It will be valid from May, 1st 2008. Please, don’t hesitate to call or mail us if you feel there are any problems.

There are several changes coming along with the new price-list:

• The prices are not going up and will remain at the same level as 2007 until further notice.

• We needed to change the discount-range in „PG“ which is now:
I = 15%; II = 18%; III = 22%
We hope, that this will allow for more room for manoeuvre and leave more options for your business.

• The handling-cost for each order will be from 190.00 Euros

• We offer more options for all units we produce, allowing for better handling for all IVF-experts.

• We have included a new product, which is a „trolley“ for the aspiration room.

• Photos for all our “professional accessories ” will soon be published on our website www.varolab.com.

What is also new at Varolab?

We are planning to publish all the information of our exclusive distributors on our website. Please, let us know if that is ok with you.

We would also very much appreciate if you could include our link and/or address-information on your website as well. Thank you in advance!

If you want to become or remain an exclusive Varolab distributor the conditions are as follows:
Your minimum turnover of Varolab quality IVF-products must be in excess of 20,000.00 Euros per year.
Exclusive distributors can (we would be glad if you decide to do so) send us full details of your customers’ addresses, including name and email-address so to be included in our fortnightly newsletter that offers a full range IVF-industry-news, all up-to-date and very informative.

Well, that’s about all, thank you very much for taking notice!

We are looking forward to hearing from you,
best wishes from Germany

Stephan and Werner Zapf