Climate Protection – That’s Us!

Working Together For The Hannover Region

Our Range And Expertise…

… for the Hannover Region and its local authorities

The climate protection agency has supported the Hannover Region in creating a climate protection framework programme. Until 2020 the CO2-emmision is to be considerably lowered by the region and its protagonists. For this the climate protection agency is motor, maker and mediator at the same time.

Together with the towns and local communities in the region a whole set of climate protection action programmes will be developed. To realise this, a range of activities will be compiled and implemented in conjunction with the citizens, the authorities, the local industry, societies and organisations.

The climate protection agency promotes feasibility studies for non-profit or municipal institutions that bank on innovative technology in building and modernisation. It also advises prior to building combined heating and power plants.

With its competition ‘Solar Regional League’ (Solare Regionalliga) the climate protection agency supports the construction of new solar energy plants. Each year all 21 towns and local communities fight for the title of ‘solar champion’.

Schools and other educational institutions are offered several environmental education programmes: ‘Baldur the energy sorcerer’ for kindergartens, the competition ‘Wood’s got it’ for pupils in Lower Saxony, ‘Adventure tours in climate protection’ or the series of lectures ‘Energy and climate protection’ at the Leibniz University in Hannover.

Local sports clubs profit from the consulting service for sports grounds. On behalf of the climate protection agency experts advice clubs in energy saving measures and modernisation.

… for people in the region

‘Starting well advised’ is a campaign for house-owners. Qualified energy-consultants inform on all possibilities of energy-efficient modernisation of buildings in all 21 local authorities free of charge.

The aim of the campaign ‘Go for solar energy’ (Lust auf Solar) is to develop the use of solar technology throughout the Hannover Region. This includes the annual solar festival, the ‘Solar Regional League’, the ‘solar heat’-raffle plus information for house-owners.

Through its campaign ‘Heating with wood’ the solar energy agency and its partners boost the marketing of organic energy in the region. Lectures, guides, the regional wood pellet-day and information-leaflets inform about the advantages of wood heating.

Environmentally friendly mobility becomes more and more important in the Hannover Region. Be it car-sharing, urban transport and bike traffic or natural gas as a climate friendly fuel – the climate protection agency is involved in all of these topics within a European framework.

The agency is active in free consulting for tenant-households in all matters of saving electricity. Especially small households with low income are in the focus of the campaign ‘Downward electricity’ (Strom abwärts).

In conjunction with its partners the climate protection agency plans and organises all kinds of events: the ‘wind festival,’ the action day ‘natural gas-cars’ or the energy saving fair ‘EnergieSparTage’.

Our information-team offers initial consultation via telephone (+ 49 511 61623-977) on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 am to 5 pm – as well as in person on numerous fairs and events in all matters of climate protection and information on regional and nationwide support programmes.

… for small and medium-sized companies in the region

Triggering impulses for energy-efficient investments is the purpose of ‘e.coBizz – energy-efficiency in businesses’. Substantial information plus a qualified pool of consultants are available for the companies involved. The campaign is supported by the local chambers and trade associations, the regional business development agencies and the ‘enercity’-fund ‘proKlima’.

The generation of heat and electricity via combined heat and power generation-plants is not yet widely used. With the campaign ‘Combined heat and power’ this efficient technology is to be boosted throughout the Hannover Region. The climate protection agency offers information-material, publicity- and networking-assignments, the support of feasibility studies as well as an action week yet to be organised.

The climate protection agency takes part in informational and professional meetings for craftsmen and qualified skilled workers as well as qualifying courses and workshops for energy-consultants – thus advocating the networking and advanced training of service providers in the renewable energy- and energy efficiency-sector.

Climate protection is an important part of business development and the promotion of trade and industry in the Hannover Region. New technologies and all services connected to it, provide and safeguard employment – as well as helping companies saving on operating costs.

Information-material and feasibility studies for the use of combined heat and power generation are provided for the housing sector and owners of blocks of flats in the Hannover Region. The climate protection agency also advises on special support programmes and development schemes.

About us!

The non-profit climate protection agency (Klimaschutzagentur Region Hannover GmbH) consolidates all regional activities concerning climate protection since 2001 and strengthens the role of climate protection as an economic driving force in the Hannover Region.

It informs businesses and citizens on a wide range of topics. As a motivational force for political and economic decision-makers the non-profit agency, together with its partners, develops projects and campaigns in bio-/organic-energy, solar energy, wind power, combined heat and power, energy efficiency in companies, modernisation of housing, saving electricity and environmentally friendly mobility.

Extensive public relations-work – as well as networking and overall communication with all protagonists, the media and citizens – is the basis for our successful campaigning. With brochures, leaflets, public and media-effective events as well as its own internet-portal the climate protection agency makes the concept of climate protection available to a broad public.

The aim is to lower the output of climate-damaging emissions and to press ahead with the use of regenerative efficiency-technology. Thus the work of the climate protection agency combines forward-looking ecology and economy for Hannover’s climate protection-region.

The climate protection agency is supported by its associates, the ‘Hannover Region’ (a public institution) and the federal state capital Hannover, power companies and other renowned enterprises as well as an association with more than 50 additional members. Citizens, service-providers and businesses in the region as well as the communities and public institutions profit greatly by these the impetus of these investments.