Get Your Business Information Across

»Dead« websites are really a lot worse than no website when you’re trying to keep your customers’ attention. Once you have your German language site set up you will have to go on keeping it current. Otherwise you are driving people away. But perhaps you are finding that difficult to do, since your German branch consists of only a very few people with hardly any time on their hands to draft up news-items and maintain your online presence.

The experienced writers at »TMR« Text + News-Service offer a unique service especially created for English language companies that want to keep their German customers informed.

Easy news and blog service for your German website

We have set up a special way of handling this, making it as easy as possible for you and your German branch. Get us your news item-material in any way possible – via fax, e-mail or post, even on a beer-mat, have it in English or German, no matter what. »TMR« will handle all English-German translations as necessary.

This service, created and managed by the well experienced bilingual German journalist and copy-writer Thomas M. Ruthemann, ensures maximum results with minimum input.

Technically, all you need to do is install a »News«-Button or a similar item on your website once, get us the info (to get access to that section of the website) and the rest will be managed by the »TMR« Text + News-Service, originally created for small and medium-size companies in Germany.

Prices are the same as for German news-item publishing, please, drop us a line and we will inform you of the conditions and circumstances.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!